For 2016

I will…

1)Learn about logistic and supply chain management aggressively:

In process, got a Job as a Supply Chain Management Trainee in an MNC and join a startup team specialized in Logistics blog.

Year-end: Quit the logistics team and need to figure out by myself.

2)Select Supply Chain Management course in Germany, list out the document & standard test, proceed it.

I delay this for purpose. While I need at least 3–4 more year to have enough experience and be firm on my competence. The major reason because I want to marriage a same-age girl, so yeah, better to be well prepared.

Year-end: Delay. SO sad!

3)Take an IELTS test, at least 7.5 bandscore

For the first half of the year, I dont think it’s necessary anymore, just because It’s enough for my work and daily communication <if any>. But later then, I realize it worth much more than I thought. Then will come back to this goal asap. Put it as TOP PRIORITY!

Year-end: Delay! So sad!

4)Travel to Cambodia, Nepal (Everest Base Camp)

As planned, I will go to Cambodia this New Year Holiday. It will be 4 nights 3 days adventure. Not sure if there aren’t any friend to be packed with.
For Nepal, it will be delayed as it will take at least 2 weeks off. For this period, it seem not suitable.
Instead, I will go to Taipei this Christmas, this will be 5 nights, 4 days adventure, waiting for it!

Year-end: Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand. Good!

5)Do a small business-E-commerce, global scale

I totally forget this goal. Hmm if I dont ready now, then when! Today I learned that if work as normal employee, it’s good, but not as great than I work for my self. Deadline will be 30 to own my owned thing.

Year-end: Already built the basement, but lack of interest and motivation to continuing.

6)Care more about family and beloved girl

❤ On process ❤

Year-end: Finally, I know for sure that she is the one. Take care for her!!!

7)Health: 62kg.

On process :3

Year-end: 58kg, so sad :((

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