Journal #1905

It’s was last Friday, when I finished the meeting with customer at their factory in Dong Nai. The morning meeting only last for 02 hours, but for the afternoon session, I and another engineer worked at their production site. It was hot, and thirsty.

We finished around 5:30pm (quite late compared to normal factory working time), then it took me 30 mins more catching the cab to comeback Saigon.

Why it took that long? Rainy season was coming for nearly a month now in the South. So the high demand for cab/uber/grab is understandable.

Finally, a 4-seat-green-cab arrived and took us back home.

It’s was a 1-hour-drive. Under the super heavy rain. And congested traffic.

The engineer slept during the whole trip, I knew it was long day for him. And it was a long week for me as well.

So I just sat there, listened to my favorite music, watched the rain dropped down. I felt little peace, and I was really, really missed her.

After 1-hour, we nearly arrived my office, so the driver called his wife (whom I think their family is living in Dong Nai):

“I will be home late. Have yourself and our daughter dinner first.”

I felt a little bit sad.

I don’t why? There are absolutely non of my business.

But from the time I can live on my own, I understand how hard to earn money. Then I admire how hard my father is doing in order to secure our family.

He is not perfect. Sometime I really hate him, because he broke his promise to me.

But in the end of the day, he is always the greatest father I know.