Weekly Journal #0219

Just a quick update about my current status:

  • Satisfied with current working environment (work-mate, team-mate & workload its self). Next week, I will have the year-end review and KPI setup for this year. I know what should I prepare and share with my line manager about my future career plan.
  • My mom and my dad currently had quite much lovely action to each other: send gift 03 times for only Valentine event, cooking in the weekend and called me just to share how the things was going.
  • Finally, I decided that I still keep in touch with my ex, surely not because I want to get back to her. But yeah, we can not denied the past, which help me grow at the stage where I am now standing. We might be best-mate, and only to that point. The hurdle for my side is to be firm at emotional feeling. We are just friend, not lover anymore.
  • It’s tough, recently I think more about future plan (yes, with the girl I love). Mostly financial & career, loving-life stuff. And surely more to come and will update when it’s official.

Hopefully, not to far but not to soon!


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