Weekly Journal #0807

This week I feel happy at the end although:

I was badly sick on Monday
I faced with eye redness during the whole week, and it seems continuing for few more days
I worked until late when the very last staff got out of office — hell yeah, I am not a workaholic person yet
I had to cancel a trekking adventure next month, it’s promising wow to me, but yeah, cancelled

What could make me happy then?

First, my family will visit me on next holiday, which mean they are all fine, my mom and my brother will have chance to visit Saigon for the first time, and it’s my pleasure to guide my family around this beloved city.

Second, regardless to the busy work, I feel productivity, the hunger for step-up, the ambition is fired on me. I will not stay the same and wait for any opportunity just cross over, I will create them, somehow.

Third, I am learning how to balance my emotion, which gradually increase my mood stability, be calm and in control. Something like, I used to miss my girlfriend so much, hence I couldn’t sleep well sometime, but these days, the situation changes, I still miss her, but I have my own thing need to do, and it fills up all of my thought.

Finally but not least important,

I do miss her!