Weekly Journal #2210

It has been 2 week since my last weekly journal. The reason behinds, well, I did remember to write a post, yep but delayed it for a purpose:

Medium is a place where I hide myself away, where I could express my true self as it is the final destination of people, getting to know ourselves as human. But, I accidentally spread it out, then booom! Friends and people around could read my stuffs. Oh! PPP’ Medium is no longer my private corner anymore.

Hence, I decided to delay my weekly journal for 2 weeks in order to settle the traffic down.

But the point I’ve learnt during that time, well, people love my words, somehow, and by sharing my story, knowledge and mixed emotion experiment, people can actually understand me a bit more, then I can talk more to the world, something like:

“This is Nam Phuong talking! Do you here me the universe?”

Anyway, quite long introduction for this week journal, let go straight to the core!

First thing to say, I am standing in front of choices. You know, when you are at 23 stage, living by yourself, trapped in nothing, then you could draw as much opportunity as possible. So do I and here they are:

  1. Continue to work in current place. It’s a great place for people to contribute theirs efforts, I might say. I have very friendly team-mate — my sis, and my boss, she gives me so much motivation, inspiration and supports. The future here is bright and I can go much further with them.
  2. Apply for a scholarship. It’s hard, but seem possible. Going abroad for 2 years, working there for 2–3 more years, then come back to contribute for my country.
  3. Apply Wwoof, go to New Zealand or Australia and become a farm assistant. You know, my dream is owning a dairy and veggy farm.

But the point is, for whatever choice you choose, determination, consistency, but dare to open are the keys.

And I need to work on it from today!

P/s: And you know what! I decided to move on :)

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