When in the middle of somewhere!

After today, it has been almost 02 years from the day I jumped on that train, moved to Saigon and really turned over a new chapter of the life-book.

Many people, including my friends asked me the question:”Whys?”

  • “Why did you move to the South?”
  • “You’ve family, house and food available with minimum effort! Why moving out?”
  • And the toughest question: “Why Saigon?”

And for most of them, I don’t have a clue. I even did not know what I was doing when jumped on that damn-train. And what I was thinking when came back Saigon 02 times until now.

There should be something that hidden away, and recently I just realized that the more unknown path you choose, the more chance you’re falling down. It’s harsh, but that’s the way to growth.

  • The more time I spend on the street just to get lost, the more confident I am when putting me anywhere in this city.
  • The more time I get out of the track, the more evidence I have to persuade myself how important of determination.
  • The more time I discover the unknown street, instead of popular sightseeing, the more true beauty I feel from a strange city.
  • The more time I meet with new & interesting people, the bigger of my world-view and the smaller am I in this world.
  • But the more time I stay alone, the better I understand myself thoroughly.

There is endlessly debate about introvert & extrovert, which one is better? The question should be asked instead :”Do you understand yourself enough, yet?”

For me, myself, I am extroverted-introvert (so that I know what is the core base, and what part is the extra value).

Above all of those insane self-talk, I just want to thank me for being lost (at least 5 times last 02 years). And looking backward, compare to my younger-self, I find the more mature I am now, but not enough, yet.

Saigon, Mar, 2017

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