McLuhan, in his concept of “global village” had predicted that the development and evolution of technology will create a world where individuals can communicate, interact and be connected, regardless of who they are or where they are. When I see the word “global village”, I actually though that his term sounds conflict. If it’s globalisation, why call it a village and not a world? Why call a “village” global when the word is normally referred to a small, local community? Is it because during his time, it was still the television that was the new form of media, and the domination of internet later on were much stronger than McLuhan expected?

Nevertheless, I totally agree with him about how technology has changed our life. Nowadays, knowledge and information are instantly updated, people can befriend and stay connected with everyone all over the world, and ideas can be shared across distances, all thanks to a vast number of media forms: TVs, radios, social media, emails, websites etc. Books and newspapers are no longer as popular. Borders went bankrupt, ABC shops closed down because readers can buy and enjoy their books on their Kindles. Apple beats Nokia to become the most successful phone company because we prefer touch screen rather than buttons, Google officially become a word in English dictionaries, and my grandmother has her own Facebook account and uses it to chat with my Mom!

Even though technology has certainly improved our way of communication and bring us closer together, it is also a double-bladed knife and has many negative effects. Children now play with their iPad and computers, and soon children books and traditional games will be forgotten. People give up their identity in order to belong, but their privacy, on the other hand, is significantly violated. Some see the number of likes on their Facebook page as a means of their popularity, but in just one day they can become victims of cyber bullies. Text messages replace face-to-face conversations. People prefer news that are quick to digest and require little thought, instead of textbooks and professional articles that need certain professionalism and prior knowledge to experience. Thus, in my point of view, communication medium nowadays is improved, but the quality of communication itself has deteriorated.

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