Diet 5kg in three days you want to try?

There are ways to lose weight just 5 kg within only 3 days when applying diets according to the formula below.

For women, excess weight is always one of the issues that top sister concern. Many sisters have applied the method to lose weight at home, but ineffective. Even, many women also applied the method to lose weight at the spa or beauty salon are also not satisfactory as effective or more immediately but then the situation was not relieved because the method only brings temporary effect.

Many women also applied the method dieting or rigorous exercise just tired to moderate undernutrition causes imbalance sisters. With only diet for 3 days following, you will immediately be reduced 5kg and did not fear a lack of nutrients or to practice with rigorous methods, tired.

Day One

Breakfast: The breakfast of The first day, you eat half a grapefruit. Grapefruit helps purify the body, burn fat. Not only lose weight quickly, breakfast helps you get beautiful skin. In addition you can eat grapefruit replaced by drinking honey, lemon and hot water with the same effect. After eating grapefruit you can enjoy breakfast with a slice of toast, tofu soup and dessert with a cup of coffee or tea. Lunch: For lunch, go eat some tuna and 1 slice toast. Besides, you can also use these kinds of soup eaten fresh like squash. Then, for dessert with tea or coffee, along with 1 little fruits like apples, pears and melons. Dinner: You eat about 75gr meat (meats you like). Along with a small bowl of cowpea. You can also eat more types of vegetable soup and dessert tastes with fruit. You should eat bananas, grapes, apples or a little vanilla ice cream for dinner.

Day 2

Breakfast: you just drink a glass of warm water with honey. Then eat a boiled egg, a slice of black bread and a banana desserts accompanied by a glass of apple juice or coffee.

Lunch: For lunch, you have to make three choices with 3 power eat.

First: You can choose meals with: a bowl of hot rice, pumpkin soup and dessert lean with a citrus grapefruit.

Monday: A bowl of rice, 200gr of cooked lean meat and dessert with coffee juice sour

Tuesday: A bowl of rice, with vegetables and dessert swipe warehouse with vanilla ice cream or fruit juice.

Dinner: For dinner, Day 2, you also have 3 options for your meals as follows :First: ½ bowl of rice with boiled chicken breast 200gr, bitter melon soup and dessert with apples 1.Monday: A lean bread soup bowls and dessert with an apple Third: ½ bowl of rice with 200gr steamed fish, salad vegetables and desserts 1 package unsweetened yogurt.

Day 3

Breakfast: You can eat 3–5 salty cake, slices of cheese and 1 apple dessert.

Lunch: Make eat a boiled egg and a slice of toast

Dinner: 1 cup of tuna with half a bowl of rice and a dessert with banana or 1 cup vanilla ice cream.

Make regime on only 3 days you will see results lose weight as standard but still enough energy for a long day of work or study.
Made on the mode in just 3 days my sister will saw the effect weight loss such as Italy that still enough energy for a long day of work, learning.