Self levelling epoxy coating

Constructing the self levelling epoxy coating- epoxy paint has long been known as the paints have special features such as waterproof, abrasion resistant, alkali and other chemicals. In addition to the features that epoxy paint is also very high slip resistance is applied in the factory or in the garage, the slaughter yard, food processing workshop, engine oil production … the place to go.
Epoxy floor paint with colorful diverse
Remarkable features of epoxy paint
Construction of anti-slip epoxy paint can execute on the surface of concrete, glass, stone, wood, metal. More variety of color increases the elegance and aesthetics.
The paint has a high adhesive with the floor, and capable of abrasion resisting high mold.
Background ball beautiful, always against the floor slippery. High water resistance, dust is not easily wipe cleaned.
Credits released to always use the most advanced painting studios along with the process of construction of epoxy paint standard whereby the effect of the paint giving always makes customers happy.
Tin paint company with a staff of highly experienced technicians are always updated new construction methods change the paint high efficiency brings to customers the durable solid works.
The steps of construction of effective anti-slip epoxy paint

Step 1: clean the floor surface with the specialized construction tools, check the floor surface must reach moisture from 8–14%.
Step 2: paint liner-2 component epoxy paint is the main and throughout. Ask the paint is smooth, not clumping, ensuring complete covering on the surface of the need. Use the scan or paint brush by rulo, through this phase will help the paint adhesion on the surface of the floor better.
Progress in construction priming
Step 3: the Middle Class slip.
Use epoxy paint has a solvent or self levelling epoxy paint then sprayed sand covered floor are just enough thickness to reach the required slip. This process will be made after conducting trials of a satisfactory grade.
Step 4: Finally the paint coating.
Using two-component epoxy paint, blending the right proportion to achieve the standards have been raised. Depending on conditions and time of construction you can mix add 5–10% diluents to paint is easy to use. Can use works from 7–10 days from the end of the construction process. By this time the paint was dead and must achieve a certain durability.