Treating skin pigmentation most home effective natural

However, when too much melanin is produced, it can lead to the development of brown spots on face.When it comes to skin pigmentation disorders, people often prefer to treat skin pigmentation naturally, rather than the use of drugs.

Imbalanced hormonal skin takes quite common during pregnancy, this can cause the production of excess melanin. This is also the cause of skin discoloration and pigmentation often conspicuous appearance in pregnancy and postpartum. In addition, regular exposure to skin with sunlight during prolonged, it can cause skin pigmentation spots appear. Some other causes of pigmentation problems as overactive thyroid, or side effects of certain medications such as birth control pills, medications containing estrogen and progesterone.
These natural treatments for pigmentation
1. Lemon
It is considered as the best way to remove pigmentation in a natural way. Regular use fresh lemon juice, apply on the skin pigmentation or are forming melanin, the skin pigmentation ugly area will gradually fade and disappear. The daily use of lemon juice will show significant improvement in the number of occurrences of skin pigmentation. One of the important components of lemon juice is citric acid, is a naturally acidic nature, help eliminate skin discoloration, help fade pigmentation spots, lighten skin naturally. Apply lemon juice on the skin pigmentation, so within 10–15 minutes, wash your face with warm water to bring clean.
Note: do not hold more lemon juice on the skin for 20 minutes, it may hurt your skin.
2 . Onions

Using onion skin melasma is also the method or
This is another natural treatment for melasma can magically heal skin conditions pigmentation. First, cut the onion into very small pieces, separating the onion pieces for from sticking together, then soak them in vinegar and use pieces were pickled onion on the affected skin area (can use onion grind chopped pickled and apply on skin pigmentation).
The treatment of facial pigmentation safe from nature but will take time and requires perseverance, to treat melasma quickly and effectively, please refer to the Technology of freckles, melasma skin Spectra: Here
onion juice is also useful for removing brown spots. First cut the onion into very small pieces (or pureed onion), then wrap them in a piece of cheesecloth and juiced clean onion. Mix onion juice with vinegar in proportion 1: 1, absorbent cotton use this solution and applied to the area of skin affected, using two times a day. Both are 2 ways out after application or apply on skin for 10–15 minutes, rinse with warm water brings.
Note: with onions, time may take a few weeks, you need perseverance applies until completely brown spots disappeared.
3. Combining essential oils in skin pigmentation treatment
Both the essential oil of lavender and tea tree oil can cure, and mixed two oils also contribute effectively to treat melasma. Mixing two oils the ratio of 1: 1, apply 3–4 times a day will help to lighten the skin and reduce pigmentation. A different combination with chamomile essential oil and lavender essential oil is a remedies are effective in treating melasma.