sometimes i stumble upon notes i’ve written in the past and they make me giggle, here is one:


After months of pining over the lack of progress in my doctorate program, I decided to take a leap of faith to resign from LAUSD. Through my awesome negotiation skills that I picked up from watching the Die Hard series, I was able to bargain for a one year personal leave. Unbeknownst to me, the personal leave rendered as a “sabbatical”. When I was in the 3rd Grade, I had an awesome teacher named Ms. Clark who went on sabbatical. She was a super hippy-granola-Kashi-cruncher of a teach, I remember singing…”Everything I see..become Ms. Clark to me” (tunage: Tootsie Pop song). For some time, I thought it was called a “salt-bath-ical” like teachers go on leave after 7 years to cleanse themselves in a salt bath. But I digress; it is my 8th year sabbatical. Hopefully, in this year… I can finish the dissertation, become a Doc, and then wake up every waking minute and cry at the debt I incurred. Somedays, I wish I were Pitbull, he made a deal with the devil and now he has a million and one hits on the radio… but again, tangent. Wish me luck, I will be found in a salt bath near you.

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