“Never Again?” Well, NEVER is HAPPENING NOW: HighTime for Jews to Get OFF of the Gun-Control Front Lines.

This is a call of alarm, of profound distress. It’s the sentinel’s siren-shout to the sleeping, encamped beyond his sight; it’s a vigorous and desperate shake and wake-up call to ALL “liberal” or “Left-wing” or “Reform” or “enlightened” or “Socialist” Jews — whatever secular-pop designation fits best THIS year. It’s directed at Jews who see themselves as “agnostic” or “cultural” or just “ethnic” Jews — those who find that your true NEW faith is as a “Social Justice Warrior.” Those Jews who think that their religion is passive, utopian, socially evolved–and that guns are evil and unnecessary in private hands (“I don’t like guns, the POLICE will protect me.”) I suggest that you sign up for a site designated “everydayantisemitism.com” and READ for a few hours. Go back each day for a week. Get your eyes opened a bit. Maybe then you’ll open your mind and your heart.

You should understand that, according to the highest legal authority in the land — the United States Supreme Court — the police have ABSOLUTELY “NO DUTY TO PROTECT ANY INDIVIDUAL CITIZEN.” Their functions are limited to criminal investigations; locating, preserving, cataloguing, and storing evidence until trial, AFTER a crime is committed (and you’re now DEAD;) and, arresting, transporting, and detaining suspects/criminals. [See, Castle Rock v. Gonzalez, 545 U.S. 748 (2005) — Which is only the most RECENT decision in that line of Supreme Court now-common-law decisions.]

You’d be better off — if you care to increase your likelihood of surviving a threat to your life (or that of one of your family or friends,) or to your home if invaded — to try reconnecting with a LONG line of tough Jews, and their religiously sanctioned fighting abilities — by understanding more of Judaism’s mandate for self-defense, succinctly expressed in the Talmud: “If a man shall seek to kill you, rise early and strike him dead first” (Talmud, Berakoth 58b). Moreover — despite the lovely, oft-spouted, Messianic vision of Isaiah’s prophecy of a Divine FUTURE, when “they shall beat their spears into pruning hooks, their swords to plowshares,” when “the lion shall lie down with the lamb” that ‘vision’ will get you brutalized or worse.

It’s MESSIANIC — meaning it’s prophesied for that time when the Messiah arrives and the world has been cured of pestilence, hatred, war, greed, oppression, and victimization; It’s NOT a vision of any other time THEN or NOW — in the violent, hate-filled, depraved society that accretively immolates the globe. If you’re not a social ostrich, you see that our lives are now imperiled, trivialized, and crushed without consequence in an alarming crescendo of viciousness — those of Jews more often than others’ in proportion to their comparatively minuscule numbers. Is Isaiah’s prophetic vision an ideal? It’s certainly nothing approaching realistic.

Perhaps, but taken as a set of instructions for living TODAY, it’s a prescription for your life that will deliver you to your death and destruction. There are, however, other prophets who speak to the world of the LIVING and in these, Jews are instructed to behave quite otherwise (they often prefer to ignore this “inconvenient” admonition:) “Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears; and let the weak say, ‘I am strong’”(Joel 4:9.)

Have you ever heard the aphorism: “If the Arabs put down their weapons there will be peace; If Israel puts down their weapons there will be no more Israel? It has its common-sense, logically flowing corollary: If you elect to lay down your arms in the face of a vicious enemy, one besotted in hatred for you and intent upon your extermination (which Shariah-Supremacist Muslims worldwide, especially the now Hamas-admitted invented ‘Palestinian’ Arabs, make absolutely NO effort to hide as their ultimate goal,) you will suffer the same fate as any docile, peaceful, unprotected lamb who misguidedly lies down beside some ravenous lion, mad with hatred, rage, and a blood-lust that only yours can quench.

In the aftermath of the Holocaust, American Jews adopted the phrase “Never Again!” If their actions mean anything at all, they do NOT believe that. They want the Government to disarm everyone: Protection? That’s for someone else to do. How do Jews expect to put teeth behind the words “Never Again!” if not with the ability to apply self-defense strategies and to project personal force for self-defense when necessary — indeed righteous — for survival?”

Why then do so many American Jews hate guns and fear gun ownership so much? It’s even got a Psychological diagnostic name: Hoplophobia. See THIS posting–written by a Rabbi whose eyes have been opened to the reasons for defending yourself, your family, your community–your society: by ARMING yourselves and training in the safe and proper manner to handle, store and use firearms —

Anyone who cares to be educated in a bit more detail about this viewpoint can begin by studying a source of inspiration to me, and to thousands of others people — Jews and Non-Jews — for whom “Never Again!” is a sacred promise, not some trite mantra to be intoned merely for self-gratification and comfort, without the attitude change that devotion to that principle requires. Read the attentively researched, ardently articulated, and erudite White Paper: Why Jews Hate Guns by Orthodox Rabbi Dovid BenDory — Rabbinical Director of the well-respected, rational, and non-ideological gun-rights organization: Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership — and writer/author Alan Korwin that you can read HERE:


“The most vigorous anti-gun-rights leaders in Congress are Jewish,” notes the report’s co-author, Bloomfield Press publisher and gun-law expert Alan Korwin — naming Senators Charles Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein (who, hypocritically enough, holds one of those RARE-as-hens’-teeth Concealed Carry Pistol Permits in notoriously anti-gun San Francisco,) Barney Frank, Frank Lautenberg, and Carl Levin — amongst others. “Why so many elected Jewish leaders are enemies of the very thing that helps keep us all safe was a mystery begging to be solved.” Indeed, with ex-NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg creating, staffing and funding a vigorous assault upon the Constitutional and Civil Rights of legitimate, legal gun owners with his “Moms Demand Action” shill group/citizens’ lobby; and, his many BILLIONS of dollars leading the way for aggressive state-by-state attacks upon those legitimate rights, it’s becoming a motivator for some people— a mere justification for others — to harbor or self-inculcate AntiSemitic viewpoints and mindsets. Sound far-fetched? Read THIS: “Do Jewish ‘Gun Control’ Advocates Fuel Anti-Semitism?” and WAKE UP!

If you believe in “Never Again!” and do NOT intend to be a VICTIM; You don’t want your Constitutional and Civil Rights steamrolled and taken away by rich assholes who either have personal armed protection from the Secret Service, or United States Capitol Police, or who can afford a platoon of armed private bodyguards for themselves, their property and THEIR families —You can feel Depressed, get SAD, or get ANGRY, but get MOTIVATED!

For example: Militant, Privileged, Superrich Anti-Gunner Mark Zuckerberg has gotten a zoning variance for his Hawaii estate to build a 10-foot-high security barrier/wall, and was recently seen jogging on the early-morning Berlin streets with no fewer than 6 heavily armed “private security officers.” If those guys — Bloomberg, Zuckerberg, and their ilk — are your ideal, there’s little hope for you — go back to sleep.

Everyone else? THIS is meant for YOU.

Educate, arm and train yourselves! An ignorant, untrained gun owner with just a NOTION of self-defense is an inchoate disaster, and a potential victim of his/her OWN weapon! Prepare not merely with the hardware needed for self-defense, but with ample, continuous training in the safe handling and proper use & storage of your weapons. There are ANY number of biometric safes available at reasonable prices that will allow you to keep safely a loaded firearm, and keep it readily accessed if needed— at the mere touch of your fingerprint — in a safe condition, inaccessible to children and others unauthorized to use the weapon.

Furthermore, as a sane gun-owner: join the JPFO; Join Gun Owners of America; Join the Second Amendment Foundation; Join the NRA; Join the US Concealed Carry Association (offering, included with your membership fee: civil liability insurance, a legal network of gun rights & criminal defense lawyers, and instant bail funds in the awful event that you are forced to defend yourself or others & find yourself arrested or charged criminally by some ideologic, hoplophobic, or politically-correct prosecutor); Join any number of pro-Gun Rights organizations devoted to liberty, education, advocacy, and protecting YOUR civil right to self defense–it’s a natural right that is merely ratified by the US Constitution in its Second Amendment, not created there.