What #yesphx can learn from Boulder Startup Week
Matt (Meanders) Simpson

I love the idea of an “Open House” concept for meeting the startups that compose this great community. I found myself looking at signage for logos throughout Startup Week 2017 to find startups and googling to learn more about them. I feel like I could spend a full day going table to table meeting founders/teams throughout Phoenix.

You also mentioned more focus on the startups. I thought it was great to hear about all the new and upcoming companies through the Street Pitch event, but I also wanted to hear about current companies. Maybe there is a way to allow existing startups to jump back into the mix and generate excitement with something like product or service launches? I would be just as excited to hear about that.

Also, I am hoping to find other noobs like me this year and let them know that it isn’t scary, so jump on in!

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