Happy Valentine’s Day
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Every year, the attack of the red hearts comes upon us.

Every year, I’ve had the privilege of having a boyfriend, or something kinda-sorta like it. And I’ve dreaded it, not because he’s expecting something. But I’m worried about what he must be thinking I’m expecting. I can feel the tension racing through his veins.. almost always. And I make it absolutely clear- Valentines day is… unnecesary. If you want me treat me special, treat me special on my Birthday. (And no, I won’t say “on every other day too”. That’s asking too much. Lets be realistic.)

It has gotten to a point where Valentines day is so mainstream, that even mainstream is less mainstream. There have been times when I’ve been single on valentines day and honestly, all I wanted to do on those days was treat myself to some awesome things- shopping, expensive and brilliant body washes.. among other things and make myself feel special. I know the feeling of being single on valentines day. It’s that day that makes you wish you had someone to just call it mainstream with. And it’s a sucky feeling. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel that way, not me, not anyone.

Surprisingly, when you are with someone, you end up with a cheesy guy who is worried because you don’t like flowers or chocolates and he knows no other way, or you end up with a guy who worries that he is Supposed to do something, but doesn’t know what.

GUYS! Just lay back. Spend time with her. On the 14th. On every other day you can. Watch a movie. Cook together, laugh.
IF you’re single: hang out with your friends, Watch a movie, Cook together, Laugh.

GIRLS! Cut him Some slack. He’s trying. Want to make it special? Just be happy you have him. Spend time with him, Watch a movie,Cook together, LAUGH!
IF you’re single: Do what you do every other day. Love yourself. One day, isn’t going to change anything significant. Neither will it mean anything significant.

Stay happy. Stay loved and love.

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