Laura Eisenhower’s work weeds seeds and feeds our souls.

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower is a treasure. From the depths of the Dark Night of the Soul she emerges bearing precious gifts to humanity and sacred keys for our survival. A seeker and teller of truth Laura refers to herself as a Global Alchemist, Cosmic Mythologist and Intuitive Astrologist. I was introduced to her work through social media (Facebook and YouTube) a medium well suited for Laura’s expression — an explosive mix of fearless-off-the-cuff-but-grounded-in-truth-history-personal experience-and-ancient wisdom responses to the incessant, unbelievable and often horrific current societal worldwide happenings. She uses social media to inform us of her speaking engagements, workshops and personal consultation. I highly recommend checking any or all of these experiences out quick smart before the rest of the world discovers Laura and her gifts or dare I say before the internet is taken away or censured by the powers that be.

Laura responds to the outrageous events of today with warrior and leadership qualities as she offers something many feel is desperately needed — hope. She does this by reminding us of our true nature — who we are, where we come from and what we are capable of. She gives us permission to be outraged over issues such as; the pillage of the war machine on our beautiful planet, the geoengineered degradation of our air, land and water, and the creation of everyday humanity’s prison at the hand of the patriarchal dominating power elite, to name a few. She encourages self-reflection and personal critical thinking while urging us to take responsibility and conduct our lives in diplomatic, humanistic, sentient ways towards co-creating our collective world. I find Laura’s political understanding and perspective closely related to the work of Chris Hedges, theologically to Carolyn Myss, and her visionary insights in line with the work of Rowena Pattee Kryder.

With her ability to see, understand and identify multiple strands of operations, Laura weaves a big picture for us. Her story makes sense in a world where the evening or more accurately our all-day-long news stories no longer do. From here she projects us towards a psycho-spiritual transformation with momentum gained from our deep rooted mythical past towards our yet to be conceived combined future. She empowers us to act, not in a hasty response but with informed intention, based on gnosis of our history and distaste for our present towards a clean, green, prosperous and harmonious future.

A true polymath, Laura’s passionate work possesses great depth of knowledge and wide breath of heart. Her work ethic is pure, her intention clear. With this said she is also a Mother, a Daughter, a Sister, a Life Partner, a Grand, and a Great Granddaughter. Laura’s work is a genuine gift that we all benefit from embracing. She helps empower us and fills us with hope and optimism as we move together toward the horizon of our collective futures.