[Ebook] Rough Ride Kristen Ashley

Rough Ride (Chaos #5) by Kristen Ashley

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I’ve yet to have the pleasure to read the ”CHAOS” series from the beginning and after having read Snapper and Rosalie’s story, I know I’ve been missing out.

MOTORCYCLE MAN was my favorite book in the ”Dream Man” series, so to get to spend a little more time with Tack was really a pleasure.

The story opens with Rosalie being badly beaten by her ex-boyfriend and his crew from the Bounty MC. They found out that she was working as an informant for Chaos and sought out to punish her for her betrayal. But Rosalie had her reasons. She knew that the Bounty crew was getting mixed up with many illegal and dangerous activities and Rosalie had hoped to get her boyfriend away from that scene. What she ended up with was a broken body and a fear of getting involved with another man who would turn out to be a bad decision. Ever since her father died, Rosalie has been looking to find a man who could fill the gaping hole in her heart that he left behind. So far she’s gone from one dead end relationship to the next.

Snapper and the Chaos MC found Rosalie outside the warehouse where she was badly beaten. They all feel a sense of guilt because they view her as one of theirs and no harm should have come to the woman who was under their protection. So they set out to seek vengeance for Rosalie. Snapper is leading the mission since over the months of working closely with her, he ended up falling hard for her.

Rosalie decides that she’s going to live her life on her own terms without any help from a man, but Snapper isn’t about to let her go through with her new life plan. Neither is the Chaos MC. They all set her up with a new place to live and overwhelm her with their unconditional love and support. When Snapper makes his intentions known to Rosalie, she isn’t receptive at first. Her heart had already been broken twice and she’s positive she won’t be able to survive it a third time. But Snapper already sees Rosalie as his and he’s determined to convince her that they are the real deal.

Will Rosalie be able to let down her guard and accept the love of a really good man? Will the Chaos MC be able to keep her safe from those who seek revenge against her?

Here are my overall ratings:
Hero: 4.5
Heroine: 4
Plot: 4
Angst: 3
Steam: 4
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 4

4.5 stars

“Men are breakable. They just hide the cracks better than we do.”

When Rosalie gets beaten by her boyfriend and his motorcycle club for being an informant to Chaos, she wants nothing to do with that life ever again. But Snapper, the Chaos man who was partnered to her, isn’t ready to let her go, especially now that her boyfriend is out of the picture. Snapper has always wanted Rosalie, and now is his chance to prove it to her.

“If you care about someone, it’s not about going that extra mile. It’s about giving everything.”

I kind of laughed to myself when I received this arc, because when I think of a novella, I think 100 pages or less. Well, for Kristen Ashley, just under 300 pages IS shorter than her usual novel, but I loved every second of this book.

While I love the Chaos series by Ashley, I have to admit that I didn’t remember who Rosalie or Snapper were….. or even some of the other characters that I may have looked up while reading this novel. But despite not remembering them, I fell in love with this couple. My heart broke for Rosalie and I wanted her to get her happy ending. And Snapper got the chance to go after the girl he always wanted.

This is the kind of motorcycle club books I love, there will never be another series out there like this one.

“I found the one who was perfect for me.”

**I will note, this novella cannot be read as a standalone, it really only makes sense if you’ve read the other books in this series**

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