Interview with Kelly Rogan, cofounder of StartupMessup

Today our special guest for our interview is Kelly Rogan, an expert in Digital Marketing with a specialization in content, inbound and social marketing. She is a skilled writer with pieces that have been published in outlets including Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc.

We asked Kelly to share with us her new entrepreneur venture (, and their mission of helping the startup community succeed.

What’s your personal story before StartupMessup?

Prior to StartupMessup I spent most of my life in rural Maryland, U.S., I studied International Business and built a career in International Marketing and Business Development. For over a year now I’ve been living and working in Barcelona and prior to this I lived for 2 years in Athens, Madrid and Valencia.

What’s the story behind your company name?

Startup came from our initial idea to do something that helped companies in the beginning phases and Messup came from the fact that 90% of them fail, and we want to change that.

And what about your tagline (“Improving societies all over the globe one startup at a time”)?

Although we are currently located in Barcelona, we want this to be a global project that will start off by sharing the stories of entrepreneurs all over the world.

What’s the mission of your company?

We consider ourselves to be an organization because in this stage we are acting as a non-profit, it is a project born from passion and determination where the income is not a priority. Our mission is to cut the startup failure rate in half by giving startups the help they need in the beginning phases.

What’s the value you give to the startup community?

We create easy to understand and high quality content in small chunks that you can apply in your projects. We think that it’s important to keep things simple.

What would make your content special?

Our content will be based off of real people’s experiences and knowledge that can help others learn and avoid any big mistakes in the future.

What are the values of StartupMessup culture?

Our organization’s values are: Share Knowledge and Experiences, Be Humble and Appreciate, and Be Proactive and Forward Thinking.

How and when did you define them?

These values were defined at the beginning of StartupMessup by exploring all of the objectives as well as things we wanted to be and did not want to be. For us, this point is key and a main priority.

Do you have competition?

We do not see many competitors at this starting phase but we see some projects in the same field that we think are doing really good for example, Business2Community and Startup Grind among others.

What’s the biggest challenge you face right now?

It’s challenging to reach top leaders without a long trajectory and at the same time keep our content quality at the top with minimal resources.

What has been your biggest success? Can you describe how that felt?

We think that we still have to achieve our first large success given that it is still a very young project but at the same time the launching moment of our website was a special day for us.

One last question. Do you think networking and building relationships played an important role in your career?

Networking and building relationships is incredibly important and has been hugely important in my career and will continue to be. Especially in the world of startups- everyone knows everyone and if you are genuine and put in effort to meet people you’ll find your network growing rapidly.

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