Our interview with Katrina Logie, founder of The Grid BCN

4 min readApr 26, 2016


This week’s guest is Katrina Logie, an entrepreneur born in London who is the founder of The Grid BCN. She studied fine arts, and has worked in London, Sydney and now is based in Barcelona for over 6 years. She has a background in creative projects, marketing and communications, and her other passions include people, music, culture, travel and innovation.

We asked her to talk us about her experience working in the corporate world, then becoming a teacher, and now being an entrepreneur. She also shared with us some networking tips for those who want to become connectors:

Before founding The Grid BCN, you worked many years as marketing and event manager for several companies. Can you share with us what was your experience back then?

My work in London was in retail, marketing and event organizing and gained exposure to the business and corporate world as well as the art world and start up scene. I spent 5 years in marketing for a top management consultants and then went on to be project manager for a startup company then in a healthy fast food takeaway in London called Leon which now has 33 locations.

What was the most important lessons you learned in this period, and how did them influence the following years of your career?

I learnt a lot about the business aspect and building good connections and also not just being focused on my creative side, but connecting it to the business was important. Also working for a management consultant I saw running a business from a CEO level, as we worked with top CEOs and senior management. I like to create ideas and think outside of the box and work with a team to form the ideas.

You were also a business communication teacher…

I became a teacher, because I like education and learning myself. I also was given the opportunity to teach something that I was afraid of initially and I had to overcome my fear, which was presenting in public. I taught customer services, which I think Spain needs to improve on drastically. I love working with students and encouraging them to bring the best out of their abilities.

Can you give us some tips to help improve presentation and public speaking skills?

Connect with your audience, structure your presentation with a capturing introduction. Make it interactive if possible and tell a personal story on how it all started.

What made you move to Barcelona?

Work life balance for me is important and I love the outdoors and nature, especially the sea.

Who is the founding team behind The Grid BCN?

Myself and I have some people who collaborate making videos, KnowmadLab team, Natalia and David.

When and what inspired you to create The Grid BCN?

I wanted to communicate the community and help build on people’s projects. I like to promote people’s talents too and I like to do this through being the ambassador and voice of the people through audio and visual and events showcasing people and projects.

What’s the mission of your company?

To build a community of good initiatives and cultural projects, and to communicate them to other communities in other cities. I am also a good connector of people.

Can you share with us the values that define The Grid BCN?

People we believe in, trust, community, sharing and helping each other.

What do you think is special about entrepreneurship and startups?

I like that people come up with their own ideas, and don’t just follow the flock. It’s also exciting as things move change and grow in different directions. Create something different but keep it simple.

Do you think networking and building relationships played a big role in your career?

Yes, massively, that’s what I do is connect people and I have pleasure doing so.

Being a super connector yourself, can you give some networking advice for the readers who want to build their professional network and become connectors?

Well it’s good to connect people to the right resources and also be a catalyst in helping them grow. If you help the right people, then usually they will naturally help you. Also be careful with who you choose to connect and help, and don’t be taken advantage of. Keep an eye on number one, yourself.

Having worked for many years in both London and Barcelona, can you tell us what you believe are the 3 main differences between both cities?

London big, dynamic, expensive.

Barcelona smaller, outdoor living, affordable.

… and 3 things both cities have in common?

Creative, multicultural, innovative.

Final question: is there anything else you want to share with the world?

Be kind to others and treat them as you treat yourself. Collaborate with the right people, then your team will grow and move quickly.

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