Points to consider when buying curcumin supplements

Well, there are numerous brands of these supplements available on the market. However, you must ensure that you are choosing a supplement which is enteric coated, contains ingredients that increase bioavailability and absorption and that which is available as a time release formula. For example, Physician Naturals manufactures Super Bio Enteric Curcumin, an effective bio-available curcumin supplement. The enteric coating formula facilitates curcumin to be released into blood quickly and effectively.

Curcumin C3

Physician Naturals uses Curcumin C3, a patented compound. It is extracted from the best quality turmeric and comprises of highest concentration of antioxidants.

How enteric coating enhances efficiency of the supplement?

Enteric coating of curcumin supplements safeguards the capsules from harsh & damaging stomach acids. Hence, it gets easily absorbed in the intestines. Ultimately, curcumin gets readily mixed in the bloodstream and is circulated to different target organs.

Why Time Release formula?

Well, the sustained Time Release formula of Super Bio Enteric Curcumin from Physician Naturals helps in better absorption and dispersion of the compound. Time release formula helps release higher dosages for quite a long period to the liver, brain, heart, lungs and so on.

Presence of Flax seed oil in curcumin supplements

Fatty oils such as flax seed & olive oils help in quick uptake of Curcumin. Instead of swallowing the capsule adding a little oil, it is a better option to take a curcumin supplement which has flax seed oil added in it. In fact, the mess and aftertaste can be eliminated this way. SimplyPure Mega Potency Super Curcumin supplement has flax seed oil infused in it and doesn’t contain any added fillers. Moreover, these caplets appear to be free from salt, sugar, corn, soy, shellfish, or starch. This supplement from Physician Naturals enjoys a shelf life of over three years and is free from preservatives. See more at http://www.physiciannaturals.com/mega-potency-super-curcumin-1000-time-release-enteric-coated-w-bioperine-and-flax-seed-oil-187.html.

Role of Bioperine

Bioperine is another ingredient that helps Curcumin to dissolve quickly into the blood stream. Bioperine is a form of piperine, an ingredient of black pepper. Bioperine promotes absorption & transportation of curcumin through the intestines and later into the blood stream.

Benefits of Mega Potency Curcumin

· Reduces inflammation and hence used for arthritic and joint pain

· Protects cells from effects of damage caused due to free radicals

· Supports liver and kidney health

· Increases immunity

· Provides healthy skin

· Promotes the levels of good cholesterol

· Keeps blood sugar in optimal levels

· Strengthens the brain cells and enhances brain function

· Lowers the effects of allergy and hence helps with respiratory diseases

· Supports heart health