Suffering from Shoulder Pain? Consult a Physiotherapist in your area

Shoulder pain is a very common condition these days, with an average of three people out ten experiencing it at some point in time. Shoulder disorders are of different types and pain is a symptom that indicates an underlying cause, so getting a right diagnosis is most important to initiate the treatment. Rotator cuff problems and frozen shoulder are the most common conditions among middle-aged people whereas shoulder instability and acromioclavicular joint trouble tend to affect people at a young age. It is common especially among those who are involved in repetitive shoulder movements and play contact sports. This can become a chronic problem if not treated on time.

You must seek immediate help from Private Physio in London if you are suffering from one of the following:

· Continuous pain for more than three days

· Excessive shoulder pain even while resting

· Recent injury causing deformity of the joint

· Inability to carry object or difficulty in raising your arm

· Swelling around the shoulder joint

The treatment largely depends on the root cause of the pain. This is why an accurate diagnosis is helpful in determining the path of healing. Take medical advice before opting for any rehabilitative program for your shoulder. Your pain can be a result of injury to the ligaments or tendons that surround the shoulder joint. Common injury of the shoulder can cause inflammation of bursitis and tendons and lead to the rotator cuff dysfunction or frozen stability. Pain can also be caused due to conditions such as arthritis, soft tissues and bones surrounding the shoulder.

Some of the most common conditions are:

· Shoulder Dislocation: Shoulder dislocation takes place when the top of arm bone gets disconnected from the scapula.

· Shoulder Instability: It is a problem that leads to losing joint which can be a result of traumatic injury or the condition might have developed over time.

· Torn rotator cuff: When the rotator cuff tendons outbreak from the bone, it causes injury and may require surgery.

· Frozen shoulder: This condition makes your shoulder stiff and its motion is reduced drastically. The best way to treat this is physiotherapy and stretching.

· Osteoarthritis: This condition affects joints and causes damage to the cartilage. It may affect acromioclavicular joint also.

Initial Treatment of Shoulder Pain

Rest: It is important to take some rest if you are suffering from shoulder pain, but the rest must be limited to a few days only as longer inactivity may lead to frozen shoulder.

Ice and Heat therapy: Ice therapy is important as it reduces the inflammation; later heat therapy will help for a faster recovery.

Stretching: Stretching can help in healing the injury and reduces pain but it must be performed only under the supervision of a specialist.

Physiotherapy: This is one of the most sought after treatments which help in combating the pain. What you need to do is to consult a physiotherapist and tell him about your present condition. Your specialist might ask you to undergo X-ray, or MRI to understand the exact cause of pain and once it is diagnosed a treatment plan will be formulated. You may have to undergo several sessions with the physiotherapist plus practice few exercises at home so that the condition can be healed early.

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