What are the Causes that Contribute to Back Pain?

To get the right treatment for the upper back pain, you must first understand what causes it. You can consult a doctor who will figure out what the real reasons are. Let’s see what are the main causes that can lead to back pain?

Muscle or Soft Tissue related problems: Your muscles, tendons, and ligaments can get sprained or strained with overuse or misuse. The common reasons of this can be:

Improper Posture: Maintaining improper posture, sitting with a rounded back for hours with shoulder hunched forwards can lead to stress on the back muscles. Poor posture is a leading cause of excessive back pain, especially when you sit for long hours in front of a computer.

Improper lifting of articles: You should use good body mechanics when lifting or picking something. You must try not to put pressure on your spine and protect it from any injury.

Heavy Backpack: A backpack that is overloaded is dangerous to the spine and can cause serious injuries. You must wear it properly so that both your shoulders are balanced.

Trauma/injury: Sudden trauma to the body such as car accidents, sports injury etc can cause excessive back pain. The injury can be too extreme that it can lead to spinal fractures or nerve pinching.

What are the other spinal conditions?

There are several other conditions that can lead to spinal conditions and excessive back pain, these are:

Infections: A paraspinal abscess or epidural abscess can compress the spinal nerves or cord in the thoracic spine causing pain.

Osteoporosis: This condition affects bones and weakens them. It makes them prone to fracture and they are less likely to carry your body weight well. If the condition exists in the thoracic spine, it can lead to upper back pain. This is because weakened vertebrae do not support, body weight properly so your muscles, ligaments as well as tendons work hard to make up for vertebrae and this can cause strain, sprain and muscle fatigue. In case, osteoporosis causes a vertebral fracture, it will lead to rounded back, and excessive pain.

Problematic kyphosis: Kyphosis is a condition when you look at your spine from a side, it appears curved outwards. But when this condition starts to curve outwards too much the condition is called as problematic kyphosis. There are many conditions such as osteoporosis that cause lead to this condition in the thoracic spine.

Scoliosis: Scoliosis can be referred to as an unusual curve in the spine. This condition can make your spine look like a “C” or “S” when seen from the back.

Other conditions that lead to back pain are ulcers, acid reflux (GERD) and cardiac conditions, such as angina.

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