“Crypto Souls: Heroes and Martyrs of the Crypto World” by Xcrypt, a new NFT collection from Physital.

The collection is available now on Foundation: https://foundation.app/collection/cryptosouls

Physital NFT Art Gallery
3 min readApr 28, 2022
Image cover of CryptoSouls by XCRYPT collective on Physital Gallery. (Foundation)

About the collection:

They chose to sacrifice their lifes and faces, and suffer instead of giving up something they hold sacred. They are all heroes and martyrs of their generations who lead us to what we see today as the crypto world.

Alain Turing by Xcrypt

From the brave Alan Turing to Jesus

From the secret Satoshi Nakamoto to Julian Assange… and many more.

CryptoSouls is a collection of 6 NFTs to pay tribute to the immortals who will all remain eternal on the blockchain, a system they all helped to build in their ways.

Two of the NFTs are instantly available to buy for 0.50 ETH, the remaining 4 are available as a bid starting at 1.00 ETH.

Click here to see the collection : https://foundation.app/collection/cryptosouls

About the collective “Xcrypt

Xcrypt is an international collective of variable dimensions, a team of multimedia creators evolving in the mist of the wordwideweb.

Cultivating their anonymity, they come from the demomakers scene of the 1990s, a period during which everything had to be invented and where the gaming industry had not yet preempted the immense creative territory of new technologies.

It is with the original spirit of a demogroup that Xcrypt shapes its creations: the collective pushes the science of computer tools to the limits to create works of art limited by strict technical constraints.

As procedural art (or generative art) enthusiasts, the team behind Xcrypt produces formal work influenced by historical computer design and the memories of cultural and technological movements.

Their images and montages bring to the surface of our post-modern amnesia the illusion of another time, from history and pop culture.

Xcrypt practices in its own way the mix and remix of artistic materials, antological readymades filtered and coded by computer tools.

CryptoSouls is the first work of a collection series that will be released in the next weeks..

Find the collection here : https://foundation.app/collection/cryptosouls

Find Xcrypt here : World Wide Web

Find Physital here : melink.io/physital



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