NFT Artist JoyXT releases new collection “The Gorgons” on Physital Art Gallery

What are “The Gorgons” ? Where do they come from ? Who is JoyXT ?

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2 min readApr 21, 2022

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“The Gorgons” A NFT Collection by JoyXT on Physital Gallery.

What are “The Gorgons”?

Here are a few words from the artist himself :

“The Gorgons are three sisters we would like you to meet. They look at us and they petrify us.

The gorgons are fantastic creatures whose evil eye has the power to turn us to rocks. But once mastered they have a curative power .. The greeks represented them on pottery because their image repels Evil spirits.

They were placed on the roofs or cornices of a building at the end of a row of tiles or a projecting part of a roof as an antefix to protect buildings.”

Who are the contemporary Gorgons? Beings or machines capable of annihilating, protect and serve us once we have mastered them?


The first sister. She is seductive with tangy colors. see here


The second Gorgon is enslaved by the fist which dominates and tames the monster. see here


The last one has the crazy gaze that projects its sprawling cables to capture us in its web. see here

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Who is JoyXT ?

JoyXT originated from the video game scene. Veterans in this field, he maintains some personal activities where he questions our society through the prism of art history.

He enjoys weaving links between eras, remixing and deconstructing old themes and myths that still resonate with our time. He uses contemporary tools that he mixes with classic references, which produces an always surprising graphic and conceptual continuum.
These small sequences are like new allegories that invites us to meditate about our time. He lives mainly in France…

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