NFTs and Photography. The Best Pair.

Physital NFT Art Gallery
4 min readNov 16, 2022

(Author’s note: This article is inspired by a comparison of photography and NFTs published by NFT Rundown in VOICE)

Photography is a window into the world, capturing a perfect place and a perfect moment in time. The medium is naturally suited to visual splendor and intimate aspects of humanity in such a way that neither painting nor sculpture can access. Because photography is all about timestamping a moment and reflecting it back to the viewer, in a way every photograph or series of photographs is “non fungible,” with the currency itself being time. Thus, photography is the perfect companion to NFTs.

Very soon, the Physital NFT Art Gallery will be releasing famous world photographer Jovanna’s The Lost Cliches collection via NFT and IRL display.

Physital NFT Art Gallery

Created in 2022, Physital is the first Digital and Physical art gallery in Latin America. Located in Panama City in the JW Marriot Tour (ex-Trump Tower), the gallery displays art and exposes audiences to digital art in the classical way, with physical supports such as Canvas, Infinite Objects, and Metal Plate that introduce digital displays of NFTs.


Jovanna is a French photographer and digital nomad, one of those fanatics who will cross entire continents to attend a concert or festival. Over several years, this whimsical photographer has been to hundreds of festivals as he believes inspiration can be found every time humans converge upon a point. We are delighted to be debuting his work with Physital.

But why are photography and NFTs so well suited for each other?
Here are some more reasons in case you haven’t already been convinced.

From left to right: Kiss, Lana Del Rey © Jovanna.

· Photographs have already gone digital

Many photographers use digital cameras, edit their photos digitally, and publish their photos online. The digitization of the craft of photography has brought it online and into the software world in a way which painting, pottery, or sculpture have not attained as they are bound by their very corporeal medium. This forced evangelization of photography into the digital space has necessitated photographers learning how to be digital pioneers and encouraged them to open their minds to new technologies and new mediums.

· Photographs dominate social media

There’s a famous online saying that goes “tl;dr — too long, didn’t read.” The way humans interact with media is changing as a result of the hectic and breakneck pace of social media. People no longer have time to read long treatises or textual exchanges and often lose their attention span doing so. Therefore, viral content these days is almost always a photograph, or a meme image. Think of some of the most iconic moments in sports, politics, and culture from the past five years — undoubtably your brain just conjured up a list of images that derive from photographs that capture those moments.

Iggy Pop © Jovanna

· Photographs are already consumed digitally, benefitting collectors

Almost everyone accesses photographs through screens these days — going to a museum or a dark room to view prints is the abode of the few. Photographs go viral, they accompany news blips about the stock market, they are used to describe breaking news or some far flung tragedy, and they capture personal moments nearby: the list goes on. The average American adult spends 8 hours a day looking at a screen. Think about how many photographs their brain is consuming and processing during that time. This is the perfect breeding ground for a marketplace of rare, beautiful, and artistic photographs to converge with the digital custodian ideas pioneered by NFTs.

Photographers conjoining with the NFT world to move the artistic potentials of both forward is a match made in heaven. So, we invite you to take a look at the Jovanna The Lost Cliches collection, releasing soon at Physital.

Stay posted for the latest news about Physital’s opening, our latest collections, and our upcoming events!

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How to access any exhibitions ?

Exhibitions are located in Physital NFT Art Gallery inside the JW Marriot Tour (ex-Trump Tower) in Panama City, Panama.

Address is : Physital PH T.O.C (antigua Trump Torre | Planta Baja Jw Marriott hotel) Punta Pacifica.

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Physital NFT Art Gallery

Physital is the first physical and digital gallery in Latin America to host and acquire works of digital art.