What happens after selling out Physital’s first NFT collection “Psychedelic Flowers” by MarieOH?

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4 min readOct 29, 2022

We are here to spread the good word: Marie OnHeart’s (MarieOH) Psychedelic Flowers NFT collection was a smash hit! The collection sold out in less than two hours and is the talk of the town among the NFT community.

Psychedelic Flowers by Marie OnHeart : https://opensea.io/collection/marie-on-heart-psychedelic-flowers

Read on to hear how this collection came together, how we released it, and our special IRL gallery event that we hosted where fans got to meet the artist and discuss the interstice between real and digital art.

One of the NFTs revealed during the Psychedelic Flowers’ event at Physital NFT Art Gallery in Panama.

The Collection

Deep in the heart of Panama, Marie-Claire Pérez Hammerschlag (going by the artists’ name Marie OnHeart or Marie OH) officially debuted her premier NFT collection of 420 Psychedelic Flowers!

The collection released as a free mint via the Physital NFT Art Gallery, adding yet more lush and psychedelic art to their growing portfolio of intensely curated art.

The flowers acted as a centerpiece collection that also contained three unique pipe NFTs which allow collectors to claim a free Psychedelic Flowers physical artwork (which can be revealed at any time)!

Hailing from Panama City, Marie OH has been creating her art since the pandemic era and has already won multiple awards, including a second-place finish in the Apollo contest from ALAF, an honorable mention in the Roberto Lewis contest, and a Canva Design Challenge. She also received the official Invention License honoring an original artwork from ALAF for her piece titled Digital Chromatic Piracy. Her recent digital work explores the boundaries of form and linearity with chaotic, iridescent, and wavy lines that showcase the plurality of being and reflect her personality.

In addition to being curated and promoted by Physital online and IRL, the Web3 infrastructure and smart contract behind the collection were developed by the Drengr team. The collection is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and uses Pinata’s IPFS solution.

The Event

One week after the collection released as a free mint (October 13th), Physital Gallery hosted a special Psychedelic Flowers Launch party at the Panama City Physital Gallery in Panama on October 20th. This opportunity allowed friends, collectors, and art purists to interface with Marie and ask her questions about her art and her influences. Attendees were also presented with special digital goodies for attending!

The event was also a special tribute to Hispanic Heritage Month, which took place between September 15th and October 15th, and featured representatives among the gallery, the Web 3 developers (Drengr), the NFT hosting platform (Pinata), and Marie herself.

The event was a major crossroads in demonstrating Physital’s commitment to the artists which it chooses to flagship, and to how each digital art collection under Physital’s purview will be merged with physical counterparts and a physical experience such as a visiting an art gallery.

The Future

This is a milestone for both MarieOH and for Physital Gallery and is the first step in a long digital journey for both. We look forward to future collaborations to come and the incremental transformation of NFTs from online collectible item to a Web3 experience that blends digital and real until the two are no longer independently discernible.

Stay posted for the latest news about Physital’s opening, our latest collections, and our upcoming events!

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How to access any exhibitions ?

Exhibitions are located in Physital NFT Art Gallery inside the JW Marriot Tour (ex-Trump Tower) in Panama City, Panama.

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