Lockdown In 2020: Facing The Effects of COVID-19 As A Single Woman

COVID-19 crisis: Self-quarantine

More Than Just A Single Woman Stand-point

Do we finally have a real problem?

  1. The internet: which is thankfully unaffected during this crisis.
  2. Amazon: founded in 1999 is now our first option to purchase almost anything. The COVID-19 restrictions have now restricted this service to essential items only.
  3. Food delivery apps: people are not having to cook thanks to these services.
  4. Malls: The safe haven for idlers and serious shoppers.
  5. Multiplexes: I remember when I was 10 years old, there was only 1 posh movie theatre in my city. Now there are half a dozen- each trying to outdo one another in services and amenities.
  6. Cheaper travel: today even a single-income family can afford yearly holidays at least within the country.

Have we learnt our lesson?



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M.Sc Human Genetics, B.Sc Plant Biotechnology. I write about wellness, current events and other topics that I feel strongly about.