Are you killing your creative confidence?

Imagine this scenario, you are falling asleep and you had an idea and you think that it might be one of those ‘not-so-bad’ ones.

But you are not so sure. After all, you’re not the creative type of person, so you decide it’s better to not even bother and after a couple of minutes you are sleeping and the idea is lost.

A couple months later you see in the news, it’s right there in front of your eyes, you can barely believe it but you are damn sure that’s your idea, some has obviously stolen from you.


Someone simply had more guts than you to go through with it and now he is richer than a king while you are cursing your luck.

Sorry, I’m not trying to put you off, bear with me.

Imagine this other scenario; Monday night you are taking a shower singing your favourite song, you had a hell of a day and you are thinking about the problems you faced.

You can definitely do more than you are currently doing, you start to think in all the amazing ideas you have to solve all the world’s problems.

“Eureka! Why is noone doing this yet?”

And suddenly you realise, yeah that’s the one, you will start the new Facebook!

You stopped, took a deep breathe and thought that through.

You liked it, right? So, everyone will love it too.

You quickly think

“I bet that’s the same feeling the guy who projected Windows Me or MySpace had.”

Why bother, right? You wouldn’t know how or where to start.

So, once again, your let your party pooper mind full of doubts kill your motivation.

I bet you already faced one or both scenarios.

Some of these illusions we tell ourselves to impede us to pursue our dreams are called limiting beliefs.

We constantly, and sometimes unconsciously, sabotage our ideas because of the fear of failing.

The same happens with your creative confidence.

When you were a kid you thought you could do anything you wanted, you would come up with the best answers to your parents’ questions and you would draw the most fantastic stuff to illustrate your ideas.

At some point, someone corrected your answer, someone told you the horse you’d drawn looked ugly and little by little your creative confidence was being strangled.

What is stopping you from going ahead?
What is killing your creative confidence?

This post was inspired by Tom & David Kelley:

“That combination of thought and action defines creative confidence: the ability to come up with new ideas and the courage to try them out.”

From the book: Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All.

I’m writing a series of posts called “From Scratch” sharing some knowledge to help you take that project from the draw and start innovate.

For now, I leave you with this amazing TED talk: