The writing class I’d like to teach
Jason Fried

While learning to edit for clarity is certainly important, is there a point where writers are simply supplanting capitalist values on writing?

A lot of what folks omit when focused on brevity is the true beauty of their writing, shifting creative energies from those of a writer to those of a producer of goods. We often loose creative essence and voice when writing is only about making things more efficient for the reader. The current culture of university students is likely comfortable with blurbs below 140 characters, and may benefit more from exploring their unique creativity.

Do you feel there is a way to teach the importance of brevity alongside creativity and descriptive verse?

With growing cultural emphasis on brevity I want to write an additional 5,000 words here, and cite some helpful thinkers’ thoughts. I would add a sentence or two about how we should ask students what they want to learn in our classes, rather than tell them what we will teach them.

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