Don’t you see the flaw in your logic though?
Wade Mason

You make some solid points here. We both do, and I get the idea that we could have a meaningful conversation in person if that were possible. Unfortunately I don’t currently have time to share all of the thoughts I have regarding your well written response, with the depth that it deserves. I would like to say that I particularly appreciate your focus on historical context of this debate. It is a super important element, and one frequently overlooked.

On limited time and resources: Have you found plausible/practical outlets for your feelings about gun rights/ownership/use/advocacy? Your stance as a liberal individual who is interested in advocating for something many liberals don’t agree with sounds like a frustrating one. I have a dear friend who is in a similar situation who is often looking for ways to defend firearm related beliefs, discuss and learn with likeminded people, without feeling discounted for his far more liberally-aligned political feelings. Any suggestions?