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Some serious reading comprehension issues in these comments. The purpose of this article is not to say that the younger generation is correct or superior to older generations as so many of you have misunderstood.

This piece demonstrates that polling data shows that young Americans are ethnically diverse and posses a more liberal worldview than older Americans. However, we don’t show up at the polls. It is a call to people like me who are young and know many young apathetic people who aren’t registered to vote to get them to register and go to the polls. Right or wrong there is no justification for letting yourself be underrepresented.

Older people think they have the answers because with age comes wisdom and that may be true for some issues and in some cases. However, I challenge the elderly among us to study the history they are so wistful for and tally the number of times the conservative regressive position was right for the country. Progressive positions are not always the right way forward but historically they have a much better batting average than nativism or populism.

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