First year as a music teacher in game business

It has been an amazing first year in the game business as a music teacher. One year ago I decided to establish a new company beside my piano school. Me and my sister got an idea for a mobile game called Pianorobot that teaches music notes with a real piano. In the beginning we didn’t have a clue how much work that takes. Now one year later we have launched the mobile game which is available on AppStore and Google Playstore. I use Pianorobot in teaching every day and I love the fact that my students learn piano notes faster than ever. I have gotten great feedback from other music teachers around the world as well. I was so happy when Claire (piano teacher from Australia) gave my mobile game 5 stars review and said “worth the money! As a piano teacher, I’m thrilled with the results of my students practicing with this at home! I’ve trialed many similar apps and this is by far the best I’ve found”.

Thank you all music teachers for your support! Let’s get more students excited about learning the piano notes! Next year is going to be awesome!

Leena, Piano teacher from Pianorobot

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