France Is the New Fascist Front Line
Sebastien A. Roblin

Your article is amazingly FAKE NEWS. It would take me pages to counter your lies about Russia. I am not Russian. A point you made which stands out: RUSSIA SEIZE CRIMEA …THAT IS 100% BLANTANT LIES.

I will tell why you lied .. CRIMEANS HELD A WELL ORGANIZED AND MONITORED POLL ON WHETHER TO JOIN RUSSIA OR UKRAINE. The referendum poll RESULT was a UNANIMOUS YES TO JOIN RUSSIA. The reasons are simple for Crimeans: they do not want to change their culture and language to Ukrainian. Most Crimeans speak Russian.

Crimeans know the illegally installed new Ukranian Government is vicious and corrupt. THE UKRAINE GOVERNMENT TOOK POWER AFTER A COUP ORGANISED BY US. History today proved their fears are warranted, Ukraine has today descended into chaos and anarchy .. corruption by Ukraine Officials is rampant..the economy is virtually dead.

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