“three men and one woman laughing during daytime” by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Smiling for the sake of smiling isn’t my favourite thing in the world.


When I ask “What made you smile today?” daily on the gram, I want to know the reasons behind proper, joyous smiles.

Everything began back when I changed my bio on Instagram: “Hello! Did you smile today?” are the first words you’ll read if you happen to land on my feed. It was the catalyst to start thinking about a way to combine the tiny moments that make me smile throughout the day — I am a human who grins way too often for a self-proclaimed grumpy person — and my love for photography — I get distracted by a pretty leaf or whatever catches my attention when I’m out and about.

That’s on good days.

Though, I find myself analyzing, even more, when I’m down. On one of my worst days this year I sat on a bench and watched people go by, the trees, the flowers, the puddles on the basketball court and I wrote. That’s how I manage and go through it. If any of you watched the series Castle — there’s an episode where Beckett says “even on the worst days, there’s a possibility for joy.” I took it to heart since then. So, this project of sharing the motives of what makes us tip the corners of our mouths — it’s a reminder to keep tucking along.

Yes, the tough moments are inevitable. But guess what? The good ones are as well.

Thank you for reading!