New horizon of modern currency.

Bit Sync is known as exchange version which based on blockchain. Its helps to trading commodities with virtual currency.As an Introduction part Bitsync has been established and designed by a strong team who have 12 years of experience in developing and maintaining exchange around the world. BitSync is strong platform of trading Security and also able to handles traders more effectively. The algorithm which is excellently matching can manage 1.5 million per this may be one of the fastest exchange in existence.We have already known about all the intellectual staffs who have ability to make it greater than other cryptocurrency. It is a new path for successful traders. Even there are so many major concern of BitSync on the purpose of security, customer’s service, user interface, liquidity etc.

Otherwise we can see others features and facilities like:

· Coins.

Bitsync trading pairs of the following coins:

  1. BTC.
  2. 2.EIT.


In future more coin will be add according to his demand


When it will live then it has ability to exchange with different commodities for traders that help to reduce the gap between crypto and virtual world.

· Revenue

The main revenue sources are:


2. Margin fee

3. withdrawal fees

4. listening fees

BitSync Coin (bitc)

The strict limit of (bitc) 100000000 bitc and this will never be increased. Bitsync will run on ERC2.0

· Allocation


The coins will be paid with Ethereum ($ETH).


Today we need world class facility for trade and security. availability for providing such kind of services are few. so the ambition of bitSync is provide high quality of service which is not available on everywhere.

so it will be one of the best for all types of transaction which based on digital currency.

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