Conference Planning 101: Understanding the Impact of Simplicity

Planning a conference can be a bit overwhelming. As an organizer, it’s as if you’re planning several mini-events that make up the main event. We understand your pain and we’ve rounded up 5 simple tips that you might have heard before, but didn’t realize the impact of. You’ll be surprised by how these tips will help you run your next event smoother than ever!

1. Make It A Social Event

Encourage guests to participate and interact with you on social media and leverage the networks of your attendees to increase your reach and gain exposure. To do this, be sure to promote your event before, during, AND after. Get attendees to engage by creating a hashtag they can use to connect with you and other attendees as well as help increase the visibility of your event on social media. This hashtag also allows you as an organizer to monitor what’s going on and solve any potential issues ASAP. Your hashtag should be:

  • Short
  • Relevant
  • Unique
  • Used by your company only

Before your event begins be sure to promote your hashtag on your event website, social media accounts, newsletters, and email for maximum exposure.

2. Find Conference-Quality Speakers

There are several agencies out there that represent expert speakers in different areas of business. But for event organizers on a tight budget, we strongly suggest you consider inviting reputable business professionals in your community to speak at your event about their area of expertise. You’d be surprised how humbled most would be when you ask them!

Another alternative would be to invite professors and instructors from post-secondary institutions. They are knowledgeable in their fields, comfortable speaking in front of large groups, and it’s a great chance for them to represent their schools on a larger scale and in front of a different crowd. It also doesn’t hurt that they will be budget-friendly considering most usually have lower speaking fees than those hired from agencies.

3. Invest In Event Management Software

An event planning platform can be incredibly helpful because it makes it easy to manage all aspects of planning multiple events by keeping everything in one place. From important event data, to the tools needed to build an event website and manage event ticketing, an all-in-one platform makes event planning considerably easier and more successful.

4. Streamline Attendee Entry

No one likes to wait. The last thing your guests want to do is wait in line while the guy in front of them fumbles to find his folded up ticket somewhere in one of his pockets. The less your guests have to do, the better. We all, usually, know where our phones are — what is Ensure you have a team checking guests into your event to get your guests into your event ASAP. Having a no-fuss paperless check-in system allows attendees to funnel into your venue quicker and collect data at the exact same time. Simply scan the QR code on a ticket — it’s a win-win for everyone involved. In-app check-in systems streamline this flow

5. Offer Event Attendees A Discount

One important factor in creating valuable customer relationships is to incentivize them! Show your appreciation and recognize loyalty by offering returning attendees a discounted rate to your next event. We say this often but we’ll say it again — you work hard to acquire attendees, so take the time to retain them and keep them in your funnel with small acts of appreciation. To do this, simply add a promotional code to your tickets and continue to maintain a loyal guest attendance at future events.

Planning any event is a lot of work. If you have any tips or tricks of your own be sure to comment below and let us know!

Happy Planning!