So where does Jason Jordan go from here?


Heading into the July 17th episode of WWE’s Monday Night RAW, many of us were paying attention to what the payoff would be regarding Kurt Angle’s secret. It has seemed like ever since Angle was named as Raw general manager the night after WrestleMania 33, there’s been a huge secret following him around. Corey Graves has played an integral role in the storyline, leaving the announcer’s table various times throughout the months and talking to Angle backstage. Hell, Angle even pulled Graves out from the announcer’s table to discuss this secret.

And on Monday night, the angle finally paid off. Or, at least, reached a climax.

Jason Jordan was introduced as Angle’s son, born out of a previous relationship Angle had with a woman at Clarion University while he was in college. Angle apparently had just found out this information after he became general manager, and legitimately had the waterworks going as he introduced his son to the world.

On the surface, my reaction was a little subdued. Of course, the rumors running rampant were some sort of love triangle involving Stephanie McMahon and Triple H — which would have played well off their previous love triangle storyline from 2000 — and having Dixie Carter make a return to the television screen in some capacity. While some think those two storylines would have played out better than Jordan as Angle’s son, I still think it’s too early to tell.

Professional wrestling is at its best when we can let an angle or storyline breathe and see how it plays out. Much too often, likely a carrover from The Attitude Era, do people have instant reaction for something being good or bad. As I’ve stated multiple times on The Straight Shooters podcast on Wildfire Radio, I’m all about letting storylines play out. I can have a certain reactionary opinion of something, but ultimately I like to see where a storyline is heading before judging it completely. And that’s where this angle falls into line.

Jason Jordan has been floundering on the main roster. He’s not the only one. Chad Gable, the other half of the American Alpha tag team, hasn’t done much, either. When they were called up to the main roster, there were high hopes for one of the best tag teams that NXT has ever produced. The sky was the limit for these two together. And while they didn’t win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships right away, they did become champions before the new year. And then completely vanished. Then they lost the tag titles without ever being in a prominent position on the show, much less any pay-per-view.


Why did WWE take this charismatic and talented tag team and essentially do nothing with them? Truth be told, their tag team title run was nothing to write home about. Hell … it was nothing. The two disappeared from television, and when they made an appearance, they lost. Rinse and repeat. There was literally nothing the creative team could do for these guys.

Now, was it backstage politics? Maybe. Given the era of dirt sheets, there was nothing ever reported about Jason Jordan or Chad Gable being anything but model citizens in the locker room. So, why the sudden split?

The one thing that I keep coming back to is Vince McMahon’s disdain for tag teams. The last time WWE has been really strong in their tag division was when the Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian and the Dudley Boyz were tearing the house down. Good tag teams have come and gone, but that was the golden era of tag team wrestling in its most recent form in WWE. Tag Team wrestling has taken off in other promotions and there is a lot of importance placed on it, but the spotlight doesn’t get much bigger than WWE and tag team wrestling is simply put … gone.

If we look at NXT and see how their tag team division has fared the last few years, we’d be surprised at how different it looks, even though it’s the same company. Is a lot of that due to Triple H? Maybe. He’s got his hand over everything in NXT. But it never translates to the main roster, and the tag divisions on Raw and SmackDown show that. Once the brand split was put into effect last summer, the SmackDown tag team division seemed to pale in comparison to Raw’s. I’d say the same for the women’s division. But SmackDown became the show that utilized everyone, and utilized everyone perfectly in their role. The better “talent” may have been on Raw, but the more interesting and entertaining tag team angles and storylines were on SmackDown.

But that quickly went away. It didn’t even last one year. In professional wrestling, one year doesn’t seem like a whole lot of time anymore. And so two of the most popular tag teams on the main roster, that were just called up last year, are now gone. Enzo Amore and Big Cass had a historic split, and I love the way they told the story. It just seemed to come out of nowhere, especially with Enzo and Cass never holding the Raw Tag Team Championships. I was surprised they weren’t shipped to SmackDown during the post-WrestleMania Superstar Shake-Up. But, now arguably the most popular tag team on the Raw brand before the Hardys returned are done. Can Enzo Amore hold those fans on his side? Time will tell.

And that brings me to Jason Jordan. Say what you want about Monday night’s angle, Jordan is now in a prime spotlight on Raw. It’ll be interesting to see what SmackDown does with Chad Gable, or if he eventually finds himself on Raw. But for now, American Alpha is no more. And that gives Jordan a huge opportunity to take the ball and run with it.

Much like WWE is about to give Big Cass his ball, Jordan now has an edge on him — he’s Kurt Angle’s freakin’ son. This is the biggest storyline in Jordan’s career thus far, and it’s up to him to take that ball and run with it. Being Angle’s son in the eyes of the WWE Universe will put a lot of pressure on Jordan to succeed. But there’s no reason to believe he can’t. Jordan has always said he looks up to Angle and I’m sure he’s cognizant of how this will effect his career moving forward.

Sure, the whole storyline seems weird, but this is WWE’s way of pushing Jordan right to the top of the card. Or midcard. He’s going to be a player on Raw from now on and he’s going to get his chance to shine. As a fan, I’d rather see that than him toil away in dark matches or nonsense storylines [or even a lack of storylines] on SmackDown with Gable.

There’s so much we don’t know yet. Where will Jordan go from here? In one year, where will he be then? He said yesterday during his sit-down interview with Angle and Renee Young that he guarantees he’ll be champion one day. Make no mistake, WWE’s got big plans for Jordan. Kurt Angle is a WWE Hall of Famer — there’s no way they put them together in order for Jordan to fail.

As for how Angle being the general manager will factor into it, let’s hope not much. It’s easy to materialize a storyline of Angle giving Jordan a push on his brand because he’s his “son,” but then that doesn’t really make Angle look good. Of course, Stephanie McMahon is going to eventually return. What will she have to say about this? You know she’s going to say something. Will she try and hold Jordan down?

For the sake of the television program, I hope not. Jordan is fun to watch and I hope this new storyline eventually pays off big time for him. Otherwise, it’s just a huge shot and miss by Vince McMahon.

For everyone’s sake, let’s hope he doesn’t miss.

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