I wrote this to the USA after the Orlando tragedy in June, 2016.

Dear America/Amerika/’Murica:

I can’t look at you anymore. I have no desire to watch you self-destruct and descend into your obvious death wish. Your gun violence is an open wound weeping pus into my eyes and ears. I avoid social media and mute the TV.

America, you have 5 per cent of the world’s population and 31 per cent of the world’s mass shootings.

You think you’re the world’s most powerful nation. But you are weak. And your moral constipation is giving me the shits.

No amount or horror, death and suffering seem able to force you out of your collective denial about gun violence. Or to loosen the powerful grip of your gun lobby.

Do something. Anything. Just stop your citizens from senselessly killing each other en masse.

Try taking a freakin’ morality enema!