2018 — year review 👏👏

David Pichsenmeister
Jan 15 · 4 min read

2018 in a nutshell (with pictures for the lazy ones)

This year I was flying more than ever.
These are Alpacas. Alpacas follow me. Alpacas are smart. Be like these Alpacas.
PI Venture Lab — build, ship, grow. or so…
Pro Tip: If you get stuck during a talk, just awkwardly stand there and smile. At least you get a good shot of you during your talk.
Me trying to finish a boulder route be like…
Drifting into the future like a kite in the wind.
It’s never too late to join Saruman’s Uruk-hai army.
As you can see, I actually did work in 2018.


Looking into my bright future from a palm tree.

David Pichsenmeister

Written by

Helping people to build great Apps on @SlackAPI. Partner Engineer at Slack.

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