Why founders should empower their employees

One of our core missions at oratio is a to build a product people love. In order to achieve that we don’t only need talent, even more we need people who are passionate about what they do.

As most people already know, as founder one of the main responsibilities is hiring talent. But that alone is not enough. We have to go further and empower people to live to their fullest possibilities in work and in personal life, because people can only be passionate if the they love what they do. Without passion we can not build a product people will love.

We are hiring the best people to complement skills we as a founder don’t have because we want these people to improve our product, our culture, our company. Only by creating a space where they feel comfortable, we can create passion. Therefore we need to empower people to change things, to improve things and give them the freedom to decide what to work on. This is the foundation of how we as a company and we as individuals can grow.