Telegram’s new video feature — a great tool for distributed teams

We are a distributed team and using Telegram as our main communication channel. To keep each other in the loop we are doing daily standup meetings. Currently we are doing that via Zoom:

Daily standup via

Yesterday, Telegram launched a new video message format (beside other stuff). This is a really cool feature for startups which are doing daily standups in a distributed team, and here’s why:

  1. You can do an asynchronous standup. Especially if you are working in different timezones, this is gold.
  2. Team members are forced to keep their daily updates short, since the video can by 1 min max.
  3. You can add additional information or media (text, images, …) in the chat and consume both video and messages at the same time.
Telegram’s new video message in our group channel

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