Creating a landing page

If you are working on a survey, maybe you want to set up a landing page with one question such as: “Do you speak several languages? Yes / No”, and just who answered “Yes” continue answering.

So, let’s take a look how to do it.

  1. First of all, click on New Survey and change its default name.

2. Create your first question from the landing page clicking in “Add Question”

Once you have your question, go to “Advanced editing” in order to set up the rules conditions of the survey.

3. Click on the Landing page box, and then, in create new page.

In this way, you are creating the page where all your questions will be.

4. Once the new page is created, click on the border of the first page and move the arrow to the new page. In the middle of the arrow click in Edit to put the condition.

5. So, you will see this message:

Click on Add New to set up a Branching Condition— They are used to define when a respondend should be directed to a particular page. Conditions can be based on question answers or respondent traits.

And finally save your changes.

In your Advanced editing, now you will see the pages with their conditions. Here you will need to click on the border of the second page and move the arrow to the final page in order to send the user there when the survey is complete.

7. Go to the new page you have created (it will be at the bottom of the page) and define all the questions/answers from Add question in the same page.

8. Customize the final message of the survey.

9. Click on Preview to visualize your survey before start sending it and then, click on Send to share it and start receiving answers! ☺

That’s all! If you have any question, just write us ☺

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