Credits (CS) ICO Review & Analysis — Credits ICO Review — Positives & Negatives


Credits is an open blockchain. The platform is designed to create services for blockchain systems using self-executing smart contracts with a public data registry. A unique technological platform for the development and execution of decentralized applications based on the blockchain technology and smart contracts

Credits technology far exceeds competition because of its performance characteristics, availability of flexible customizable smart contracts and its own internal currency (CS)

  • Decentralized Data — Credits allows for the disclosure of transaction data to all interacting parties while maintaining anonymity.
  • Storing data in a redundant and non-modified blockchain will protect against fraud.
     Smart Contracts — Automation of asset management within the blockchain network by means of self-executable programs of unlimited complexity.
  • A unique tool for creating and managing contracts.
     Issuance of Financial Assets — Issuance of various financial assets on the blockchain: bonds, obligations, letters of credit, shares, certificates, cryptocurrencies, derivatives, tokens, etc. Crowdfunding and ICO. Payments and internal cryptocurrency.

“Credits is an open blockchain platform with autonomous smart contracts and an internal cryptocurrency. The platform is designed to create services for blockchain systems using self-executing smart contracts with a public data registry.”

Positives -

  • Credits is entering a space that already has a lot of competition, but it’s not entering it without its fair share of unique features/technology. Credits boasts transaction speeds of “Around 0.1 seconds”, fees of “around 0.001 USD” and “millions of transactions per second”. Of course these numbers kick the behind of current leaders such as Ethereum and NEO but we do have to keep in mind the real-world testing that has to be done to confirm these numbers — they’re all theoretical at this time, although tests have been performed successfully.
  • Credits looks like it’s aiming to be an all-in-one solution for a lot of sectors. Decentralized Data, Smart Contracts, Issuance of Financial Assets and Crypto Payments are all listed as solutions on Credits Website. If they can handle all of these avenues properly and market their product to the right investors, they’ll potential solve issues that projects are solely focusing on. In simple terms, if Credits is successful, they have the potential to provide solutions that other projects are trying to solve, capturing a share of each of those markets and potential stealing the spotlight in these areas.

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Concerns -

  • Not a huge amount of concerns for Credits from our point of view. Small things here and there that will surely figure themselves out. For instance a lot of the partnerships that Credits boasts are partnerships with blockchain projects that are still trying to prove themselves. Projects such as Sparkster, Pillar and several other albeit well known names are still trying to develop their own platforms. These “Partnerships” could simply be two projects exploring potential solutions, especially for those platforms that aren’t fully developed yet with no solution to offer “right now”. In saying that, partnerships with already established organizations such as Smedegaard and the University of Nicosia among other partners are pretty solid and a great sign of networking ability.
  • Roadmaps and Github activity are something we take a look at but shouldn’t be the only way to gauge development progress. In saying that, at the time of writing (July 30th, 2018) Credits’ Github is relatively empty and somewhat inactive when considering their team is supposedly includes 70 Developers. Now, this is assuming all of Credits’ Github activity is public, it is entirely possible that they are developing more features/code privately to protect their ideas/progress. A minor concern but something to keep an eye on.

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