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“Rich” is a fancy word, everyone passionate about it in some way or other. Who is associated with investment knows compounding and magic of it’s working on investment?

The 8th wonder of the world “compounding” works when you stay long in a journey. We believe and suggest our clients to understand, compounding works when you stay for long. Minimum 10 years is must to see the fruits of investment.

To create a Wealth — Equity investing is almost the only way for most of us. …

‘WHO’ Will Enjoy Your Wealth After ‘YOU’?

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Is it really matters you about your wealth after ‘YOU’?

We feel happy about our Earnings, Assets, Liabilities …. what not! Happy that many of us are very busy in earnings and do not have time to look for the assets once we get it and have no clue how we deal with it.

We are smart people in creating wealth and most of us maintain the track of assets owned.

Our job is done after owning the assets. …

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We are happy to share ‘Pickgrowth’ is into ‘PMS’ (Portfolio Management Services) Advisory Services and we successfully onboarded one of our esteemed clients in to PMS.

PMS is a concentrated portfolio management services and portfolio of each account may differ from one another. PMS also invests in Stocks, Debt and fixed income products and managed by Professional Fund Managers like in Mutual Funds.

PMS is a tailored made product to meet specific investment objectives of the investor. Unlike Mutual fund — you hold securities (units), here you Own Stocks, Debt and Fixed Income Funds not ‘Units’.

PMS is offered by those entities who are registered with SEBI for providing services under ‘PMS’. PMS products have an investment limit of min. of Rs. 25 Lakh & suitable to HNIs. NRIs can invest in PMS. …


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