Is Writing an Art?

As a writer, I believe what I do is an art form. It’s not easy and it expresses how I feel in a more direct way then a painting. Writing can still be subjective and allows someone to imagine and dive into it. Just it’s a different form then drawing or sculpting.

I’ve been told throughout my short life, that writing can never be an art. Apparently, art has different definitions to each person. That is fine, but exclusion of a form of self expression is redundant and arrogant.

To me and a few people I have asked about it, define art as self expression. I believe the dictionary also defines it that way. I always found it funny when I talked to certain artists who stuck up their nose when I tried to relate struggles. It was like I’m below them because I can’t make beautiful masterpieces.

A novel in my mind is a masterpiece. Not everyone can do it, and very few can do it well and live off it. It’s such a difficult world to enter especially when you don’t have a social media platform to help boost yourself.

I always wanted to be an author. I aspired to it for years. I’m not currently and am still struggling on a book, I love. Novels can take 6 months to 10 years. I find that commitment and determination to a story, a message, to imaginary people, an imaginary world, is absolutely amazing.

The idea I have to paint a world (as a fantasy writer) that is so clear to me in someone’s head. They will have their interpretations of that world and of those people. That is an art.