Chatbot Use Case for Laundry Business

2 months ago we had delivered a WhatsApp and Messenger chatbot for a Laundry having 128 outlets and today we are happy to share the usecase on how our customer saves $19,320 a year with 20% increase in sales and 30% increase in customer satisfaction all with a 50% decrease in manpower using Picky Assist Chatbots.

Before Chatbot : 98% of the Pickup requests come as telephonic calls and 2% through online and mobile app. Client operating 10 seater call centre to schedule pickup request, spending an average $150per agent i.e total $1500 for 10 agents

After Chatbot : Incoming Calls dropped by 65% and as a result client is able to save 50% of manpower which gives a monthly savings of $750

Before Chatbot : Dedicated 3 seater call centre for collection centres and franchisee to enquire / prioritise the work progress or status. $150 was the average cost per agent making a total cost of $450 for 3

After Chatbot : All the franchisee start enquiring through WhatsApp which saves their phone call cost and time , client minimised the manpower from 3 to 1 and saves $300 per month.

Before Chatbot : Pickup request were limited only to the office working hours

After Chatbot : Customer can place pickup request 24 x 7 and even on holidays. It is observed that 15% of interactions happen after the office hours. Chatbot increases the overall sales and customer convenience

Before Chatbot :Spends an average of 20 hours and $500 per month for training and orientations

After Chatbot : Radically decreases the training hours from 20 to 10 hours in a month as majority of the task handling is by chatbot without any human intervention saving clients $250 per month

Before Chatbot :95% of the payment was made through Cash on Delivery

After Chatbot :Payment gateway is integrated with WhatsApp and messenger and the payment link shared with the customer as soon as the laundry is received. 25% of the customers pay before they get their clothes done which is an advance revenue source for the company.
Introduction of the payment gateway also helps customers to request the laundry drop to the nearby home / shops if they are not available at home.

Before Chatbot :2 Dedicated agents to collect telephonic feedback and suggestions, costing $150 per agent per month

After Chatbot : Since chatbot can collect feedback after the laundry is delivered , clients are able to decrease agents from 2 to 1 and save $150 per month

Before Chatbot : 20% closed doors during deliver of laundry

After Chatbot : When the laundry is ready for delivery chatbot automatically sends a request to the customer to confirm the delivery timing and location which reduces the closed door scenario saving the client operational cost in terms of transportation and manpower.

Before Chatbot : Unable to track the ROI for the money spend towards different marketing activities

After Chatbot : Including WhatsApp chatbot number in all printed and visual medias and messenger chatbot in all Facebook and online promotions enables the client to understand, measure and track how different marketing strategies are performing across different channels.

Before Chatbot : Monthly expenditure of $200 for sending SMS & Email Alerts

After Chatbot : The integration of WhatsApp and messenger chatbot eliminates all other communication channels , which saves 80% of their communication cost i.e client is able to save $160 per month

Before Chatbot : Sales increase was 5–10% monthly

After Chatbot : After the integration of chatbot, without spending any extra penny for marketing, client observed 15% sales increase in the current month compared to the last month.


Within just 2 months after the integration of chatbot our client has witnessed a huge change in the entire functional flow of their organisation like the few below

Able to Save $1610 per month i.e $19,320 annually

Reduces the Employee Hiring Cost & Legal Compliances by reducing the manpower

Customer satisfaction increased by 30%

24 x 7 operational status which attracts more customers

Instant Information to the customer without installing any app or browsing websites

Able to provide multi lingual customer support through chatbots

Introduction of payment gateway through chatbot enhanced the payment experience.

Watch Laundry Chatbot In Action