Food Service 4.0, Robot Pizza and the Future of Restaurants

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Picnic CEO Clayton Wood has been invited to speak at TTI/Vanguard’s “Transformed by Digital” event in March 2020, where experts offer perspectives on future technologies and their impact. Clayton will discuss how Picnic’s solutions are helping to drive Food Service 4.0, what we can expect for the future of restaurants, current trends of the food industry and how organizations can effectively harness emerging tech to address what’s coming down the line for food — from production to delivery — while effectively responding to consumer tastes and demands.

Digitization is arriving in the food service industry just in time. To be sure, the industry is beset by tumultuous change — driven not by disruptive tech, but by changing consumer preferences for delivery, carry out, and convenience. These rapid shifts are occurring amid a growing global food service labor shortage, and many operators are looking to technology for relief.

“Picnic’s goal is to help restaurants and the food service and hospitality industries produce a consistent pizza that not only tastes great, but helps employees keep up with customer demand, even in times of staffing shortages,” said Clayton, CEO, Picnic.

The Picnic “pizza robot” can produce 300 custom pizzas per hour while digitizing a historically manual, data-starved process. Pizza is just the beginning — the Picnic technology is suitable for other food segments such as sandwiches, salads, bowls, tacos.

Clayton Wood is responsible for the overall development and growth of Picnic. He has served in key leadership positions in organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 100 organizations, across a variety of technology industries, including renewable energy, robotics and software. Clayton has successfully taken companies from scratch to global publicly traded businesses or successful acquisition.

TTI/Vanguard ( is an advanced technology membership for senior-level executives. They introduce, discuss, and evaluate emerging and breakthrough technologies on the two-to-five-year horizon. Through research, conferences, workshops, and field trips, experts offer perspectives on future technologies and their impact on organizations, infrastructures, policies, and society. The result is a framework for linking strategic technology planning to business success. TTI/Vanguard is a wholly owned subsidiary of Euromoney/Institutional Investor PLC, an international business-to-business information company.

Founded in 2016 Vivid Robotics, Inc., (dba Picnic) (, has collected an experienced team of food and technology industry veterans to develop and provide specialized intelligent technology and exclusive solutions for the food service and hospitality industries. Restaurants, convenience and grocery stores, university and corporate campuses, casinos, hotels, cruise lines, sports venues, catering groups, healthcare cafeterias, small kiosks, ghost kitchen operators, mobile food operations, food trucks, delivery and military sites are among the many segments poised to benefit from the company’s automated food assembly platform integrating RaaS, software, cloud and deep learning technology.

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