The Age of Photo Filters

We live in an age of heavy photo filtering (these days, almost nothing gets posted without a filter) and with that comes the fabrication of “perfection” and FOMO (fear of missing out) pointed out by Oxford University’s Internet Institute’s Andrew Przbylski. Going public even if it’s the internet can generate a lot of pressure and with that you consciously and unconsciously censor what you put out. Are you perhaps too busy making your next photo as best as it can be that you forget what you really wanted to share?

Thank god Picsee is private! It allows for “communication” (not proving one’s worth) to stay at the forefront of the interaction so that you can snap away with no anxiety! Enjoy: )

Picsee is a private photo messenger available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android. Picsee was awarded the App Store Best Photo/Video App 2015.

Download on the App Store / Download on Google Play

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