PictureEx Coin Swap Update: The Next Big Event For Our Community.

Nov 19 · 2 min read

Hello to all PictureEx members.

We are inviting you to take part in an amazing PIC Token Swap Campaign, to change your old PIC Tokens to New PIC Coins.
Token Swap will start today, 20 November and end on 20 December

Do not miss such a great opportunity to get your new Shiny Pic Coins!

What is a Token Swap?

Token Swap - is the process to replace old coin with a new coin.
For example, if a project launches their own blockchain (protocol), they would want to switch their old blockchain tokens to their new blockchain tokens.
So what do you do? In this case, the project will announce the replacement process for old tokens.
Everyone who will deposit old tokens will get new tokens in the identical equivalent.

Do I have to prepare anything for the Swap?

To receive the new PIC coins it is important that you have installed our new wallet since of course you need your new PIC address to receive the new PIC Coins (Download wallet here)

You can also use the wallet at our partner Bithost.
Go to their website www.bithostcoin.net, install the wallet and use the address from there.

How much time is there for the Swap?

PictureEx gives everyone a month to swap their old PIC Tokens to the new PIC Coins.
When this end date is reached, it will no longer be possible to swap.

How to swap the old PIC Tokens: Instructions.

As we all may know, we are doing a manual swap. Hence, in order to participate in the swap, you must complete our Google Form to make information about you clear to us.

Make sure you have entered this clearly and finally click send.

The team is concerned about your information and ensures that the process is completed in 2/3 days. However, it is only the members who have the old token that will take part in the swapping process.

Can I contact PictureEx if something goes wrong?

Of course, contact us through our email address if something is not clear to you, or if something went wrong.
We will assist you in anyway we can.

Email: swapyourpicture@gmail.com

Thank you for being part of PictureEx.

Important links embedded in the texts:

Google form
PictureExs Wallet

    PictureEx is a Blockchain-based platform that makes it possible for (professional) artists to share and sell photos, art and other content worldwide for free

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