Custom Framing Made Easy Online

Sep 1, 2017 · 2 min read

Most people place pictures in department store frames and wonder why they do not stand out when they are added to a wall. A simulated wood frame or a cheap black plastic one is more likely to detract from pictures that highlight them. Custom framing can be expensive and take a long time. Going into a physical store and selecting the matting and the exact frame desired is no quick task. Then it takes up to a week or more to get the picture back.

An Easier Way

Selecting and ordering any type of picture framing is easier and less expensive online. Peruse all the choices at your convenience and enter in the correct measurements of the picture(s) to be placed inside. The wide selection allows people to find something that will definitely draw attention to the decor. Wood and metal frames of all shapes and thicknesses are available at affordable pricing.

Frames for homemade needle crafts, three dimensional decoupage, and awards or certifications can arrive within a few business days. Frames for memorabilia, canvas, and small collectibles are offered as well. Simple and elegant designs can be found among colorful and whimsical options.

Multiple aperture frames are also customized to match any layout preferred. Openings can be of different sizes or identical. Single aperture frames have separate holes for each picture, while a double style includes a border around each opening. An experienced company, such as EasyFrame, will provide step by step instructions for taking proper measurements.


The typical staircase wall that displays the pictures of family members can become a focal point with different colored frames, the same exquisite design, or all different shapes. Square, oval, round, and rectangular options are available. If the house has pictures of the kids at different stages, consider selecting one color for each child. Visitors can follow the progression from room to room and know exactly which child is in each picture through the years.

Order a custom frame when giving a craft or painting to some special as a gift. It will make the final project complete and save the recipient the trouble and expense of having the gift framed. Be creative and have fun when hanging pictures.