3 Days At The Northern Tip Of The Map

After 15 hours of road trip, me and the rest of the Philippine Kiteboarding Association crew and participants finally arrived at the Northern Tip of the Philippine Map. It was tiring, but definitely all worth it. The untouched beaches in Patunungan Bay, makes you feel that you are on a different country. I never thought that there are still places like these in the Philippines. I am so glad and privileged to be a part of the PKA crew and spent 3 days in that majestic place. Will I do it again? Traveling for 15 hours? Absolutely!

Kiters and Crew searching for the wind
Patunungan Bay
If there’s no wind, There’s always a way to have fun!
We only have a three hour window before Low tide hits the beaches. We have to wake up before the sun rises in order for us to to get some competition results.
Patunungan Bay is located in Cagayan and is situated betweenMaroct Island and Bajeon Point, near Cagahan Point andPandanungan Point. Patunungan Bay is also located betweenRehit Rock and Mepodor Cove, and close to Katali Rock and Susak Rock. There’s not much info about the place. Probably because it has not been explored that much, yet. And I hope that it would stay that way…. In photo: A local on her morning walk on Valentines day.
The Cagayan leg of the PKA Tour is definitely one of the toughest and challenging leg this year, but definitely the most exciting one.




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